Weather forecast for last Sunday was gloomy; cloudly and rain when I checked on last Saturday. Surprisingly, the updated forecast on Sunday itself showed a window of 3 hours of partly sunny weather. Feeling uncertain that I will get good skies and not wanting to regret that I did not attempt at all, I decided to head over to Zaanse Schans, a Dutch village with the old windmills.

Journey by train was rather smooth (after “training” in the recent Europe trip) except that I made a mistake in purchase of my ticket. The final stop should be Koog-Zaandijk but I pointed out the main stop of Zaadnam instead. I was looking at overcast, very much cloudy sky when I reached the right station. In fact, there were many tourists also heading over…. there were signposts which stopped at a point. A kind local stopped her bike when I give a “?” look (was too embarassed to ask her to stop) and told me that I need to take a ferry over. Ahh… so I did a U-turn and so did the rest of the tourists that overshot.

And the ferry is bicycle friendly too!
ferry   green house

It was a quick 5mins boat ride over, following the crowd like a sheep, I’m in Zaanse Scans! First impression was the very strong cocoa smell, well I hope it’s cocoa…. and lots of houses in green paint.

So I strolled all over the place. Sadly, my initial shots of the windmills were dull with the grey sky.
grey windmill

Explored all about the village. Some of the walking paths has signposts that described a bit of history. signpost After one round, with a break of soft ice-cream, the weather turned for the better in the late afternoon. So I dragged my weary feet for a 2nd round of retakes with blue skies, yay!

So I returned back to the house, weary but glad that I went 😀

PS. It rained in the evening.

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