Pub run

Weekend. What to do? Colleague suggesting drinking session on Sat night, so I tagged along…. It started out innocently at 8pm, took our bikes out and cycle along a scenic route to Amsterdam city. Since my sense of direction is terrible, I am like a sheep follow sheepdog with my colleagues.

First stop. We sat outside enjoying the sun and old slanted houses in the city. Tried a light belgium beer, not bad…. then the weather took a swing and a light drizzle started. Ok, we head inside for another round. Applekorn wine…. sweet fruity…. not bad too. Well housemate was looking for cocktails so we headed out.

Second stop. A dining cum drinking spot… the tables were candle lit casting a warm yellow light about. Table across was having a party with a guy wearing some skimpy brief? panty? outside his jeans and being photographed. Taking a break from drinking…. I took a Coke…. more guzzliing of beer and wine by the guys. Still not able to find a good cocktail spot, we moved on.

Third shop. Thai bar…. thai pop music, thai girls, thai dancing? Mixed cocktail started ending with a weird combo of Contreau, Volka, Tequila and Coke. Deadly to me but housemate was able to handle it well it seemed.

Fourth stop. Surprisingly, this bar has a site and live music. That night was rock music by a band of 4 guys. It was quite enjoyable to hear and see the band in action although I’ve been told this wasn’t that fantastic. My ears were a bit muffled when we stepped out around 3.30am.

Fifth stop. Home, which was a 40min ride back.

All in all I guessed I saw how Dutch people enjoy their weekends. And with the smoking ban in effect from 1 July, I’m glad I’m entering a smoke free area.

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