Milk and cheese

Everytime I visit the supermarket, I am always overwhelmed by choices. There’s a whole wide selection of dairy products (nearly spelled it diary lol)

Luckily during my first purchase of milk, I had a helpful supermarket staff (young boy) explaining to me the selections. Full cream, half cream, 0 cream. He recommended 0 cream which is probably 0% fat. Looking at the colour, it’s very light off white… taste is also very bland…. something that I won’t try again. House mate also warned of a red marking version that I should never get too. So that’s for plain milk. They also have milk with fruits like strawberry and banana. Whole range of yogurt drinks too.

Cheese. I had only known Kraft singles and cheddar. Now I’m stumped with at least 30 varieties. Thankfully, there are at times samples out for tasting, else I would have picked whatever that is sliced, assuming those are for breads. Can’t imagine how I can handle shopping in a speciality cheese shop…. colleague also recommended farmer cheese with no preservatives… so have to give that a try in future.

Another thing I found out: cheese goes well with salads, yummy!

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