Against elements of nature

The weather in Amsterdam isn’t really that sunny over the past few weeks but the occasional rain and constant grey clouds were quite alright; as long as it doesn’t get in the way…. like last Monday.

Woke up feeling a chill and looking out of the window? Rain.

After preparations for work, the rain stopped. Good timing to chance the weather. I wore my shoes, put on my spring jacket, take out the keys, open the door and … rain.

It quickly grew into a stormy affair making the trees sway. OK, got cooped up in the house. Whilst my colleague cum housemate was unaffected cos his laptop has everything, mine’s stuck in a desktop in office.

45mins. No let up in weather …. my other colleague in office asked “how confident do I feel riding in the rain and wind?” Good question. I concluded that I should be able to fall on my feet. An advice was given… if the headwind got too strong, you can always stop and push the bike. Right…..

Zipped up I headed off. First obstacle, the hood on my jacket. It could not stay on my head. Stopped about 200m to tighten it up. By then my hands were feeling cold. Second obstacle, glasses too wet to see through clearly, ok take that off. Am not so short sighted that I can’t see cars or people. Third, pants getting wet. Solution? Ride faster!

In the end, I stayed on the bike and reached office without a fall. I was relatively dry on my top half after taking off the then very wet jacket. However, my pants was half wet. Consolation, it got dry very fast in the weather here. So to prevent my future pants from gett’ing wet, it’s time to find the raincoat equivalent for pants which seemed to be widely available here.

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