Wild adventure

It started out very deceptively as a ride on our bikes for a picnic last Saturday. Yes, picnic. Location? The woods lol. It’s a quiet scenic spot and out of the blue in the grassy flat land is a picnic bench.

While getting a sun tan and enjoying the good food in the good weather, we get to see horses ridden by, half naked men jogging, airplanes, clouds and distant rumble of thunder.

Packing up we detoured to see the windmill from a distance but somehow the direction wasn’t quite right, so we saw another windmill and pass by another 2-3 more. The cycle back was extremely scenic, canal by the side, cycling path lined with tall tall trees, right side is farm land with cows, sheeps, horses and a cat even.

Sadly, 20mins before reaching home, the rain started and we all gotten wet. Good thing camera bag is all weather type, yay! So it’s the only item staying dry šŸ˜› Imagine 5 people plowing through the wet weather in summer clothes?

All in all we got back wet but enjoyed the outing thoroughly.

P.S. Fell from bike from over speeding and collected another bruise and a scrap. Good thing is I can still walk out and cycle on šŸ™‚

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