De Efteling

Last Sunday was a fun day. With 2 colleague (one of them accompanied by his spouse), we headed to ‘s-Hertogenbosch or rather Den Bosch which took over an hour by train followed by a 20 minute ride on a bus. Alighting, we set foot to Efteling, the world of fairy tales.

High View of Efteling

High View

I have never been to Disneyland, though I have been to theme parks like Australia Gold Coast’s Dreamworld, and Efteling I think is in between the two. Why do I think so? The rides were thrilling especially since I sat on the front row most of the time, yet this does not beat the big ones in Dreamworld. Neither are they very kiddish in nature.

Treasure Chest cum ATM

Treasure Chest cum ATM

Rides and attractions visited (in no particular order): Bird Rok, Bobsleigh run, Diorama, Dream Flight, Fairy Tale Forest, Pagoda, PandaVision, Pegasus, Pirana, Python, The Flying Dutchman, Villa Volta

Close up of Lego City

Close up of Lego City

It rained intermittently over the day, luckily not so heavy that we could not continue onwards. Also, it added more thrill factor in the rides with more Gs and twists 😀 I specially enjoyed the Bird Rok, Flying Dutchman, Bobsleigh and Python with the double loops. The 3D movie was very entertaining to watch too.

Dragon with smoke

Dragon with smoke

One great walking attraction was the fairy tale forest featuring stories from the Grim Brothers, of which I and sorely lacking knowledge in that area.

Special exhibit during this period was the Lego exhibition and we had fun trying to take photos of the displays.

We walked quite a far bit but covered the major rides with good feeling. With tired legs we headed back…. wet as it rained quite a fair bit late in the night.

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