Live Soccer (aka Football)

The last time I remembered going to a stadium to watch a soccer match was a very long time ago, at least 20 years back. It was Singapore vs some team at the soon to be revamped National Stadium.

Yesterday I went for an European experience of watching 2 live matches of the LG Amsterdam Tournament at Amsterdam ArenA (yes with capital A behind).

We got seats, though nearly at the top, with a grand view from one of the corners. The way the ArenA was designed, I am not looking over people’s head just to get a good view, there’s very good clearance for unblocked viewing, even if people below you stand up 🙂

The first match was Inter Milan vs Servilla FC was boring, part of the reason was that no goals were scored. The ball got passed to and fro but, there wasn’t any long duration of attacking to the goal post.

Excitement build up with the start of the second match play off between AFC Ajax, the home team, and Arsenal FC, the world famed English soccer team. The crowd were singing, cheering, clapping, making waves as the match progressed (which much later I realised is for the home team). And happiest of all for me was that all the goals were scored at the goal post where we were seated nearest to, 2 by Ajax and 3 by Arsenal.

The treatment of the goals were very extreme by the audience. The locals and supporters of Ajax jumped, screamed, clapped and more when a goal was scored. The first goal by Arsenal however, almost made me thought that it was an offside one as it was met with silence. Good thing was that someone announced the goals and we got a TV screen on top to see the time and scores.

Once the match was over, the stadium was very quickly emptied of people. With our group on bikes, we need not have to squeeze to crowded buses and trains and took an easy 20mins ride back home.

What a day for Beijing Olympics opening (watched the repeat telecast at 11.30pm) and happy National Day for me.

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