The Backyard

Not any backyard, but the one that’s attached to the company house I am staying in Amsterdam. About 5 by 10 meters in size, it boosts a small footpath leading down to the shed (we prefer calling it over garage) where our bikes are parked and the back door.

At one side there’s a hibiscus like tree which bloomed lavender flowers. The bees had a good time gathering pollen from them. Further down is a shrub blooming pink bouquet of flowers. Another corner is what looks very similiar to a pandan leaf plant but I have yet to ascertain whether it’s correctly identified. Not too adventurous to try that out in cooking.

There is also…. of all things…. grapes! This is a spill over from the neighbours since our house mate claimed not to have planted it. Hopefully there is enough sunny weather to ripen it nicely for tasting. Wait…. let me correct that. Hopefully, there is some left after the neighbour’s dog had gone though them. It was a surprise that it came by our side (backyard is shared between 2 houses) and it looked at me a trifle shamefaced to be caught eating them.

Last but not least, there are 3 oak saplings planted by house mate. We are uncertain why he planted them and wonder if we will get a giant tree in a few years’ time. Reminds me of Totoro 🙂

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