Don’t we hate them? The bloodsuckers that leaves an itch and the ever irritating high pitch buzz around your head during sleep.

So far I heard that the Aussie species are big and slow, fairly easy to smack down just hands. Singapore ones are bad, the jungle variety is worse… commando grade, I ever spotted a line of 7 bites. Hands smacking? Not effective, typically they down by using insectide sprays.

So how is it for Amsterdam ones? Size wise, bigger than Singapore’s. Speed wise, slightly slower than Singapore’s. However, I did not see any insectide being sold here. Birds wise, like willie wagtails, are already overworking, they have big bellies… making them big lump of balls boucing about, very ungainly. It’s definitely not easy to smack a mosquito down in the middle of the night, from bed in darkness.

Let me introduce the Dutch choice of weaponary. The Bat. It looks like a scaled down version of a badminton racket, with a metal mesh. The handle has slots to put in batteries and ready to go. If you have not guessed it by now, the Bat is the mobile version of the housefly exterminator box commonly seen in local coffeeshops… the one that zaps any flies going by.

Dead mosquitoes here ends up slightly crisp 😛

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