Touch Screen

“Press the wall and money comes out” – this is a typical description to blue collar foreign workers who had never seen an ATM machine until they come to Singapore. Here’s an encounter that stretches it further.

I visited a IT sort of service center to get something done (not significant here). When I entered the doors and headed to the ticket machine, a big printed paper was stuck to it, covering the machine totally, apologising that the machine is out of order. Fine, this means queuing on your own.  When I looked back at the ticket machine, there is a LCD monitor above it, explaining how to use the machine, ie. press red button for repairs and blue button for customer service, complete with picture of the buttons in the described colour.

A China lady came in, carrying a laptop bag. She saw the LCD monitor….. and pressed the “button”. Seeing no response, she pressed HARDER. It did not ever occur to her to look downwards….

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