Singapore Night Race

Singapore’s very first inaugural grand prix night race is upcoming this weekend, with road closures in effect, barricades up, fencing at roads, things are heating up.

Having been to races as early as in 2000, with 4 consecutive years to Malaysia’s Sepang circuit and once to Australia’s Melbourne,  many people asked whether I am going for Singapore’s and my reply was a unexpected “No”.

When the ticket sales began, I was enthusiastic to hop over to the main site to look over. Taking no chances, I read through the rules and regs, the T&Cs, and of course the FAQs. I had to make a phonecall to the hotline. Two contradictory clauses on use of camera equipment (which they corrected later in the FAQ) and the outcome of the call was that it was not permissible to bring camera lenses beyond 200mm focal length.

200mm will not give big filling racing cars on the photo. Even when I had a good seat in Melbourne just 15m from the cars with 400mm lens, it was decent only with an inch of space between cars. At Sepang, paying for the cheapest tickets, I have lots of room on the grass patch to setup my tripod and lens, but 4 years of the heatwave finally hit the limit on tolerating the weather and I stopped going over. Even with seats purchased with shade, the heat was still overwhelming.

Plus other rules which I personally find it more restrictive than Sepang’s. Given that it’s the first night race ever, I guessed the organisers are taking all precautions. 

Hence I shall watch, not live at the site but in front of the TV set. Afterall, what’s cable TV for?

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