Anime Festival Asia ’08

AFA for short. Held for 2 days in Suntec area on 22-23 Nov, this is a first organised by Singapore in south east sia focusing on animation cum pop culture. The good news (to me) is that you need to pay to attend this event. Thus, the crowd will only be people who are interested or willing to part $5-8 , which probably will not packed like sardines feeling walking around.

As I had not been shooting cosplayers since 2006, it was great to know that some old friends are still making appearances of their handiwork. Mirage_cld still gets a crowd, this time round walking around as  Gundam Exia from the newest Gundam 00 series from Japan. As usual, it’s cool to see glowing eyes and great detail on the bodyworks.

Another cosplayer I had not met for some time also came in with Hoihoi-san, worn by Kilvear. Created by Pumpkin01 and his project team, it took them 3 years to complete this masterpiece.

Last but not least, I attended May’N concert, her very first outside of Japan! She sings the songs by Sheryl Nome in Macross Frontier which the anime series recently ended airing in Japan. It was very short but on the whole I find it enjoyable except the sound system can’t really take some of the low bass in the music.

Anyways, due to work I won’t have time for now to sort through photos taken on AFA 1st day but aim to post them to my Flickr site later on. Most of what I took is on Gundam Exia ^^

Am likely to take on subscription and expand the folders to load up my old site’s photos as well.

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