Traditional “Ke Jia” Lunch in Segamat

Last Saturday, I went to Malaysia to help an old time friend to take photos of her brother’s wedding dinner hosted mainly for her brother-in-law relatives. They stayed in Segamat, a town about 2.5 hours drive from Singapore.

I was honored to be invited in for their homely lunch meal at their in-law’s house. They cooked the “ke jia” dishes which were a great delight to my tastebuds.

Table of dishes

Table of dishes

The mini yam cakes were great! While it was chewy, they never stick to the teeth and the taste of yam was dominantly present which meant that is more yam than flour, a big difference to note. They were prepared in 2 styles, “dry” which is fried and “wet” which is gravy based.

For the pinky looking soon kueh look-a-like, the fillings are made up of a type of fried beancurd, spring onions and garlic, the seasoning is lightly salted,very yummy!

Dishes up close

Dishes up close

And the achar, a peanut based marinated vegetable dish, was very fragnant. The cook learnt this from Yong Peng, another nearby town!

Chicken wise, is more chinese wine based but the meat is as always tender in Malaysia, even for the breast portions.

All in all, it was a full wholesome goodness lunch. It will be remembered by for very long 🙂

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