Dead or Alive?

No, I am not talking about the popular XBox fighting game. And no, I am not talking about health status of a living creature.

The object of my interest was my portable hard disk. With the advancement of technology, portable devices are so convenient and affordable that any IT geek will definitely have one.

The horror story is that it died whilst doing copying of some photos. Windows Explorer threw out an error message, unable to copy picture file blah blah. Click OK and everything seemed all right, on the surface, until I try to get something else out from the drive again.

It went missing in the My Computer listing. Re-plug the USB port and after hell of a long time like 10 minutes, I see the drive. Click and nothing happens. Strangely, I was able to change the drive designation from Disk Management but still, the drive contents were not accessible.

Suspecting the Autoplay at fault, I disable it and still no go. Plugged to another computer, “Error performing in page operation”. Looks bad… Time for support! The good thing about having Internet at your fingertips. Support side said the drive was a goner since I cannot click and see stuff. The bad news crashed in.

Losing data is painful. Hence the importance of doing regular backups. I thought about my last backup and figured my losses. Seldom used VMs but those VMs could be needed in future. The other loss was photos which fortunately was copied out to a thumbdrive for sharing.

All set for sending the faulty portable drive. Whilst doing an online submission to request for replacement, I noticed that the vendor provides diagnostic tools. I gave it a go… no loss at this stage. Btw, the predicted time to finish scanning was 3.5 hours.

After 2 hours, I called support and the guy said the diagnostic tool is useless, just come in for replacement.

Luckily I thought I am already more than halfway through it, might as well see the results since I do not have the warranty card on hand.

End of diagnostic scan: bad sectors found, do you want to mark and repair? YES. Disconnect. Reconnect. It’s ALIVE!!!

One picture file is totally not accessible which when now I click on it does not crash the drive. So now wondering to still send in for replacement or reformat or get a new one?

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