Perth – Autumn 2009

A quick trip down under to Perth and at this time, it’s at end of summer or the beginning of autumn. For this trip, the main aim is to accompany Kelvin to attend his graduation. Thereafter we had a tour around since this is his first trip to Australia.

Once more, Peter is a great guide and host, picking us up from the airport when we arrived in the early morning. We had a good start by walking around King’s Park, thereafter Peter brought Kelvin to his university for a look around, much to his great delight. We had the famous fish n chips for lunch and thereafter booked our tours before heading to our accommodation at the Murray Lodge St Hotel.

Since the graduation ceremony was in the evening, we did some shopping before dressing up for the event. Collected Kelvin’s graduation regalia and took some photos around. The ceremony like all other graduations, was grand. The main speaker was excellent with lots of wit and humor. The whole ceremony was video recorded. There were no professional photographers taking photos of each graduate to sell the photos later, a big difference from Singapore’s.

Our visit to Rottnest Island showed that the island has a very obvious new addition since my last visit in 2004. There is now a windmill which powers the distillation plant and surplus energy generated goes to the rest of the island facilities. Cool! And all thanks to Kelvin for spotting the Red-Capped Plover which was not afraid of us sitting 2 metres away snapping away. The same goes for the co-operative gull which did not budge from it’s sitting spot.

For the rest of the trip, photos were mostly focused on the variety of fresh cooked food we ate. Since it’s near to Easter, the supermarkets and shops around were all selling chocolate eggs of various sizes, some going as huge as my hand.

The last day of our trip was to meet up Peter again after returning from our stay at Margaret River. We did some nice shopping at Harbour Town and then proceed to attack the deep sea crabs together with Peter and Christine. Then we had a stop to view Perth City at night before heading to the airport for home.

What spoiled this trip at the end was that the check-in system failed and manual check-in was done, hence the flight delayed an hour and we had to queue like nearly 2 hours to get a boarding pass.

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