The Coop

This year, fellow colleague showed me a more scenic route to the office, well the old one, since with effect on 2 June, our office is relocated nearer to train station. At one straight stretch what some of us refer as The Coop.

I decided to lug my camera gear out on a sunny evening to shoot furries. When I reached there on my bike and stopped, numerous chickens, 2 turkeys plus a rabbit flocked to me, waiting expectantly. This made me realised they are very used to people stopping on their bikes to feed them. After a while, sensing a motionless person, and probably not smelling any food, the flock dispersed back to do what they were doing.

It was great to see free roaming sort of domesticated animals about. There are chickens, a pony, goats and kids, rabbits, two turkeys, pigeons, crows up and about. Had loads of fun taking photos (mostly rabbits) and seeing the male turkey strutting his feathers whenever somebody passes by… And yes, the coop put up a notice “Te Koop”, which means for sale in Dutch. They sell fresh eggs 🙂

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