Quick View of London

Had a short seminar cum training trip in London office. This happened last week and it was very unforgettable experience.

First was taking a one hour flight over from Amsterdam right to the heart of London City Airport. Fortunately I had watched a documentary about London’s air traffic control and hence was not alarmed when the plane started banking sharply in a circular route for landing. Clearing customs to the exit was rather fast and once out, the DLR station was just door.

Upon exiting Bank station, the sight of the city is so wonderful that I took my camera out and it stayed out all the way until I reached my accommodation. For once navigation in the city is very easy since everything is in English, one friendly passerby in working suit even asked me if I was lost.

The 3 day event was very unforgettable. We were brought to view some key landmarks and bird’s eye view of the city. There were also great food and drinks in the various cool bars and restaurants visited.

Some highlights of places visited:
Tower of London
Brew Wharf
Vertigo 42
Oxo Restuarant

On the last day to fly back to Amsterdam, there was a tube strike but fortunately the DLR was not affected. However, the station was full of people and a very long queue was there since the trains were partially running only. An officer beckoned me and initially I thought he wanted to security check my luggage. It turned out that once I purchased my ticket, he opened a side gate for me to walk to the DLR platform. Was immensely grateful and commendable that service is still present and that they try not to inconvenice travelers like me.

So back to Amsterdam I was with a much heavier bag with more clothes, 2 jars of kaya and lotions 😀

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