Open Garden Days

Basket in Open Garden

Basket in Open Garden

For one weekend in Amsterdam, specifically the third week in June, a number of canal gardens are opened to public for viewing. Some of these gardens are within private houses, and hence can be considered a rare treat to visit.

Sadly I only found out about this event on it’s last day and only managed to visit eight out of the twenty-seven locations. Some of the locations are clustered close by and hence walking is no issue, others will require a short ride on the bus or tram or by bike.

Open Garden Counter

Open Garden Counter

Each of the location has a counter similar to the photo shown on the right. The counter staff will chop or sign, cross on the numbers at the back of the booklet that we get upon purchasing the three-day ticket. One site was so small that there was no counter, just two people seated on the stairs.

Some abstract photos of the gardens are posted in my Flickr site. I am not revealing their actual location since some are from private houses.

Halfway through, the weather took a turn and drizzled. After a few minutes it was a downpour. A big group of us stayed within the reception area, patiently waiting for the rain to stop. One the rain lessen to a mild one, we are all out and walking about the garden again.

I do envy some of the house owners that they have such a large backyard to decorate, plant and make it into a garden. All in all it was a worthwhile effort to walk about and see the hidden gardens.

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