Weekend Brugge

We chose among the cities/towns in Belgium and decided to take a weekend tour around Brugge for a flavour of this country. As the speed between the Dutch train and Thalys is only around 10 minutes difference, we hopped onto the normal Inter-City train and had a pleasant ride over.

Our lodging place at Bed & Breakfast Contrast gave clear directions so finding our accommodation was easy. The place is managed by Kathy and her spouse.

After re-packing our bags, ie. just having camera gears, the 3 of us started our coverage of Brugge. As the weather was sporting blue skies, we decided on taking the canal tour. At the main square there was a brass band performing and one of their skits they did a stomp like music which the echos from the surrounding buildings reverbrating was sensational.

And since we are in Belgium, chocolates was a must try. There are many shops there selling them in all shapes and sizes. For dinner, our lodging host Kathy suggested nearby locations. The first which serves fondue and mussels was fully booked hence we went to the next spot which is called Nieuw Museum. We had a great meal of scampi, ribs, tuna and mussels.

Evening time, there was a concert performance and we can see loads of people walking and cycling in. Security of the bikes did not seem to be a major concern as people just park their bicycles and walked into the city hall area. Night lights gave a different atmosphere but still an excellent walk about.

Next day morning was a filling breakfast at our lodging at the a greenhouse terrace area. The sun was out but weather was not as good as yesterday. We went on very light gear to climb the Belfort bell tower which is 86 metres tall and has 366 steps. Thereafter, we took a leisurely walk around the wall of Brugge to have teabreak of desserts before taking the train back.

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