Paris, Hot n Warm



For this trip, we took the most comfortable train I had took in Europe so far, the Thalys train. Air-conditioned, complete with bar and wi-fi access, a very modern train. It took us about 4 hours to reach Paris, as the Amsterdam to Belgium leg was still not on new tracks hence the speed was slow on that stretch. Interestingly, we see people who did not know they had unreserved seats, boarded wrong time and the common seating at the wrong place.

Our accommodation, situated at the Latin Quarter, Hôtel du Collège de France is very close to Pantheon which made it our very first sightseeing spot.

3 camera women on a phototaking rampage is how best I can describe the entire trip. I had to downgrade my photo size by 1 notch in order to take more photos when I realised that I took more than 300 shots a day.

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

We went by Eiffel Tower twice, unusually but well worth the effort. On the first day, the afternoon was overcast and cloudy so it’s a chancy day on taking the Eiffel Tower since we wanted blue skies. So we decided to walk, all the way from Saint Chapelle to Eiffel Tower. As we walked nearer, passing by Invalides, we noticed that the weather improved and clouds are parting to reveal blue skies. Thus we went to Eiffel and stayed there till night, we did not take the elevator up as it was late but did so the next evening. Our timing was unintentionally perfect. After queuing for an hour or so, we went up just in time to catch sunset. We stayed till 10pm for the sparkling lights to appear before departing.



Weather wise, we have sunny days all the way through and hence it was very hot. The heat was mostly felt while taking metro train rides which were not air-conditioned.

Food wise, finally get to try their famous crossiants which at the bakery near where we stayed is soft and buttery. Had 2 rounds of escagots which in Paris was very much olive, garlic and herbs.

Shopping on last day was good too although initially we were not in the boutique zone in Montparnasse. We had maxed out the day by taking a late train back to Amsterdam so timing wise was better.

If you have not noticed by now… photos posted here are in 3s 😉

Note: Eiffel Tower and Invalides shots are same scale, just reduced smaller to fit the frame. That is, I seemed to have consistency in taking them at the same size.

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