F1 Singapore Experience

…. On site.

Last year I did not attend the inaugural event. In part was the crowd and in part the price of the tickets. Most importantly, the restrictions on camera focal length not more than 200mm which was relaxed a few days prior to race day.

This year, I decided to sample, so I got the cheapest ticket, the Friday walkabout. After months of waiting, the big day was finally here. In short, it was worth the ticket cost.

I reached the venue around 3pm, in time to catch the Formula BMW Pacific as my practice round as I have not shot the cars in the Singapore circuit before and I am using my new Sony A850, oh and also I have not used my long telephoto lens for quite some time.

Even on thid practice day, there were avid photographers trying to get the best spot to take the action out there. I count myself lucky to have found some good places and had very satisfied results. Camera performance wise the tracking was able to lock but not fast enough for consecutive sharp shots, still out in 3 or 4 takes I was able to get a sharp photo, conposition not considered.

To make use of the full advantage of proximity, me and my dad walked out and had a very quiet dinner sparse dining at Raffles City. I needed the early dinner since I realised I had skipped lunch.

Back to Gate 3 for the second time and this time I had to sign the use for private consumption form for the photos am taking. There are more people and we scouted for a good shooting location and found one. Not very good for short telephoto range but good for the long ones (I got a 400mm prime and ready to punch in with teleconverters).

The only problem was I cannot pan as there are people on my left and right. On two occasions I had to stop as people in front of me were close to banging themselves on my setup. Prevention is first priorty, I can afford to wait, there’s a full hour of cars running.

After that practice round, we packed and took a leisurely walk around the circuit area before heading back.

Photos of the practice session are on my Flickr site for short period. View them while they are up.

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