Canon Photomarathon 9.40pm

Finished. Game over. Submitted my last photo for the 3rd and final theme before 6pm. Energy as a theme is really difficult to get creative about. First thought off is light bulbs… next idea is windmills but there are no windmills in Singapore… but we do have a Marina Barrage which I have never been to and did not intend to see it then.

So I went to hunt for a battery I took for fun during the 2nd theme’s Motion. I could not find it. I was sure it was not that far away so I backtracked…. and found it. Apparently in the 3 hours gap, a soft road barrier was put in place, thus why I did not see it initially.

Got the shots and submitted. Then went to redeem the freebies… an A4 print on Canon’s Prima printers, free Milo and mineral water. The last theme closed submission at 7pm, final winners would be announced at 8.30pm I think, so to hang around for like 3 hours is no go for me, so is home sweet home.

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