Racing to Johannesburg

Although there was a time factor but it is not rally car racing since the entire journey spanned 2 days. The aim was to reach Joburg for our next leg in exploring South Africa.

It was again a overcast morning when we left Letaba Camp in Kruger National Park. We made our last minute souvenir purchases, stock up and headed out. Instead of a southwards drive down which would result in us being unable to resist the temptation of getting more wildlife photos and the speed restriction within the park, we went outside to take the highway.

We got lost at the very start, not finding the right road sign for the highway we wanted to get on. Though direction wise looked correct, our certainty cost us some roundabout time. Other than that bad start, the journey was smooth throughout.

Shot 1 @ Resort

Shot 1 @ Resort

Shot 2 @ Viewpoint

Shot 2 @ Viewpoint

Enroute to our pitstop, we went sightseeing to see South Africa’s pinnacles. We first saw it while lunching in the resort and because of midday weather, I added a polariser to my wide angle, thus getting that spy hole effect and a good laugh. After our meal, we headed to the actual viewing site and it’s tourist packed, complete with touters and tour buses.

Position for look down shots

Looking down, courtesy of Yen

Our next detour was at Burke’s Luck Potholes, which only the adventurous trio took the walk. It was not a tough walk as seen as the steps are manageable and there are loads of slopes. I took off my cap while taking the look down photos until I crossed the bridge. Luckily my sister went back to find it and she gets rewarded with a “I was there” photo 🙂

Also spotted (and taken) a very colorful lizard, which luckily is well camouflage else I think some ladies will scream as they walked by. I felt exhausted after this leg. We had a quick glimpse of God’s Window near Pilgrim’s Rest as the place was closing in the late afternoon.

Burke's Luck Potholes Downwards


When the sun was setting, we reached Hazyview and our overnight stopover at Rissington Inn which the pathway made us very dubious as it is on a dirt track. Surprisingly, our accomodation is well furnished, we took 1 wing section and it’s a villa feeling. We headed for early dinner for a fine dining experience of more fusion food.

Breakfast there is marvelous, there’s loads of variety on the type of eggs that they can whip out from the kitchen. It was a great welcome as Letaba Camp only has standard sunny side up type of eggs.

Rissington Breakfast Type 5Rissington Breakfast Type 4Rissington Breakfast Type 3Rissington Breakfast Type 2Rissington Breakfast Type 1

With a full stomach, we left the inn and the actual race began to reach airport by 1pm to catch a domestic flight to George Town. To make good time, our driver stepped on the pedal and flew where we hoped there are no people camping with speed cameras. Thankfully this rented 4WD is in good condition and has power.

Directions to return the rented car is not a breeze. With contorted twists and turns ala rally track we reached the stop area …. with a near empty tank. We were not keen to pay for the top up which stacks a service fee so we asked for directions to the petrol station. Apparently the staff there are used to having this question asked and we got the information and headed over. My mum had bought a papaya a day ago which we had skinned and sliced them up. We had no space in our stomachs to cramp in and flights dun allow fresh food, so they were given to the pump crew whom happily aceepted and shared it among themselves. After a full tank we managed to swivel correctly, though quite tight a turn, to return a full tank car in the airport.

Next stop, the Garden Route.

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