Looking Ahead

Looking Forward

Gundam Exia - Cosplayed by Clive

Time flies and today is the last day of 2009. The pace of time for this year to me is fast paced with loads of events and activities personally wise.

First was trying out a studio shoot as a close off for Hoihoisan with Pumpkin01 and team. It was great to meet cosplayer friends whom I had not met for some years as well as new friends. Then hopped over to Perth for my god brother’s graduation ceremony as well as meeting old friends there.

Mid year wise, I headed over once more to Amsterdam for 3 months to work over there. While there, managed to squeeze a holiday trip to Belgium and France with my sister and friend. Then came the South Africa trip with family.

Towards the year end was getting a way overdue upgrade for my digital camera which is the Sony A850. It’s maiden run was the Singapore F1 Race with excellent results. Shortly after was going to May’N concert for second time round at the AFA 2009. Then closing the year with publishing or republishing of photos taken from the past 10 years of cosplay in Singapore. Managed to complete the uploads today and wrap up nicely.

2010 – The number already sounds like on odyssey as the new year brings about a new beginning which is so very true for me since I am once more venturing into the unknown and yet is the future.

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