Windows 7 Terror

It began innocently as graphics issue while playing World of Warcraft. Like a low sonic boom sound buzzed out and the screen freezes, thus forcing a hard reboot. Not sure if it was the recent Patch 3.3 release from WoW or that my GFX is breaking down, I did some driver updates. Still no go… and the count of daily reboots started to go on a rise…

It escalated to the point that even Internet Explorer does not work anymore. Rather, it takes 5 minutes upon double clicking IE for the window to appear. Mozilla was my alternative then. Since the troubles started, I began my backup but alas… recovery from WD Backup is only possible if one is using Windows XP. So here I go again, copying my files to the WD network disk.

While reinstallation should be easy, I did not want to lose my personalisation. And also I need a quick fix to have MS Word in normal working condition, not like typing a letter takes 5 secs to appear. So I did an upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 7. It worked like a charm, all settings are mostly intact and Office works without reinstallation. More importantly, the normal response time is back. So I did my important paper and finished it.

3 days later, my Dad complained his IE8 was funny, so I took a look at his IE and the lag returned. Windows recovered after a while but as a precaution, I reboot and that was the end of getting back to the login screen. Launch repair did not work this time round.

So the last measure is a re-installation. So I started out the usual again, boot from installation disc but never got beyond “setup is starting” screen. At first I thought it was the Nvidia display drivers at fault again since after welcome screen I get black screen with a cursor. Ok found the workaround to enable low resolution and still the same results. Managed to get to command prompt and realised that C: drive is not accessible at all despite having detection of hardware from BIOS.

So called Seagate support for help and the guy said that he is unable to assist on Windows installation side but asked whether the hard disk is viewable from BIOS and at command prompt. Now I think only a computer geek is able to describe the problem at hand… “I think my MBR is corrupted”. With that statement, he offered aid to reset the track 0 record (ie. MBR) by downloading SeaTools for DOS which is to me the salvation.

Took a bit of time to hunt down a writeable CD and cut the ISO image copy since I don’t have a floppy disk for my CPU. With that, the bootable OS is able to detect the hard disk and I selected the set to zero option, which means goodbye to all data (if it is not gone by now).

Load back windows 7 installer, start up, and click Install. Yes, I get a agreement screen which means all is well, as the next screen is on the hard disk and partitioning for installation.

So thank you to seagate support and help rendered. I called back to feedback that their suggestion worked. And now to reinstall all my software……

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