The Making of CNY 2010 Greeting Photos

Behind the shot

Behind the shot

It was an idea, some of you saw it in my msn personal message: A towel, a tiger, 2 oranges, 1 ang bao and maybe a rabbit?

Those are the items I brought out from the house and walked to the BBQ pit zone area nearby. It was a sunny and naturally hot day in the late morning, which is offset by strong winds. Found a nice bench, good background and put out the towel as base.

“They are MINE!!!” shot was pure accident and the first to shoot. I place the 2 oranges in front of tiger but the strong winds knocked its balance off and it flopped down to the oranges. Very cute image so tweaked and shot.

Then after that is the actual shoot. Which is waiting for winds to die down so that the red packet doesn’t flip flap about.

Tried to add rabbit to the pic but then it doesn’t work out so… it will wait… a year…

Next year

Next year is my turn!

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