Netbook and More

During the IT Show 2 weeks back, it was a hunt for a netbook, the very IN thing that many gadget folks goes for nowadays with the prevalent wireless internet access.

What are my needs? My key purpose is to have something lightweight to carry about overseas to surf and to offload photos taken on my digital camera which thanks to the latest technology is now on 25 megapixel, ie. each photo chews more storage space. So I need a machine with decent sized hard disk space, connection to external portable hard disk for double backups and good transfer speed. Next consideration is the Operating System (“OS”) which now I lean towards Windows 7 instead of XP since it’s time to move on and I am glad to be able to skip Vista.

There are many choices out there as all notebook/laptop brands has a netbook for sale: HP, Lenovo, MSI, Acer, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Asus, Dell were all seen in the halls of Suntec Convention Center.

Netbook typically uses the lightweight and energy efficient chipset like Intel Atom which chews lesser power and hence is longer lasting in operational hours. More importantly, it is also far cheaper than a normal notebook/laptop with prices starting from SGD 400 upwards.

Speed was a major concern for me since it will be dreadful to wait hours for the copy operation between devices. The other consideration is flexibility in use of applications. Hence after looking at most models, I sort of gave up on netbooks and scoured around for mini notebooks or subnotebooks.

Pricing wise naturally went a notch or two higher. However it was tougher to lookout for a good choice model as there were only a few models on sale at the IT Show. Managed to find one that caught my eye while walking around level 4 hall. It is Acer’s 1810TZ model. Heavier due to the bigger battery but still weighs 1.6kg WITH the battery attached. Keyboard is wide enough for my hands and sports a HDMI port which is uncommon among its peers. Also it is installed with Windows 7 Home Premium, a good plus point for my preference.

It was the ideal choice which changed the hunt to buy 😛

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