DNA MAYDAY 2010 World Tour concert [Limited Edition]

Concert Atmosphere

Monster at runway

Originally to be held at Padang, the venue was shifted over to National Stadium, to the delight of the band as they mentioned in last year’s concert that they very much wanted to perform next door.

Getting to National Stadium is so many easier as the Circle Line started operating to there. It rained quite heavily in the afternoon but stopped in the evening, much to my relief even though I brought my rain gear.

Comparing with last year’s venue at Indoor Stadium, this concert’s management was terrible. With the relocation, there was no clear signs to tell people where their entrances are in relative terms. Due to weather, the entrance time to the seats only opened at around 7.30pm which was the slated start time of the concert.

Concert experience wise, I got lucky in seating. Enthusiastic fans were in the row behind, and front 2 row folks preferred sitting down. So I had spent more time sitting than standing. Line of sight to the runway was pretty fine by me and had managed to get some decent shots. It was a different experience but still very much enjoyable to attend.

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