Formula Drift 2010 Singapore

Drifting ShowdownLate posting (by my standard) on this topic since it was held last month 25 to 26 April.

As I understand, this event is in its third year running but it is my first. Ticket pricing wise is rather affordable to me so I took the higher tier with seating and was glad of my decision as Sunday was a very hot day. Having shade, water and fans helped heaps in cooling down.

The venue took place in the F1 pit building area and a short stretch around. 2 competing drivers will go through the circuit which involves a hard turn into corner and sliding in like 2 S curves and they took turns going first.

So naturally and unexpected for me was that there were crashes, some minor, some major (see them here). We were seated with a group of Malaysians supporting for their colleague and had a good time chatting car related topics.

The roar of engines, screeching tyres, crashes made the such event pretty exciting. The grandstand seats gave very good view to see the action. I did not take any race queens, something which I did previously with ladies from Japan and they still left an impression on me 😛

Looking forward to revisiting for this event next year….

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