Goodbye and Welcome

4 months back, I took out my 35-70mm f4 to a cake eating session with some friends. That’s when I found that the lens was unable to focus at all, pointing to the internal focusing ring seemed spoilt. So I took the lens to Sony Service Center and after it was sent for diagnostics, the report was that there was no longer any spare parts to repair this 30 year old lens.

This is the kit lens that came with the purchase of the Minolta 7000, the first generation of SLR from Minolta. So it is befitting that I purchased a NEX-5 the first generation of Micro Four Thirds system from Sony.

There were 2 choices of kit lens: pancake 16mm f2.8 or the 18-55mm f3.5-5.6. For me, I chose the zoom as it replaces directly the retired 35-70mm which I used as a lightweight travel lens instead of lugging the heavy 28-70mm f2.8 version.

Having tested it during the Singapore launch, I was keen to get the camera once the stock arrived but alas the first batch was snapped up in a flash. So it was only the Sunday before that I managed to get my hands on one and field tested it, taking sunset at Marina Bay area from Collyer Quay.

Panorama of Marina Bay

And 2 days back, Sony released version 02 to include 3D panorama function which sadly I do not own a 3D TV to try that out. Being a high end compact, I used it as such sticking to the intelligent auto. Finer control is available, but requires a lot of menu navigation to get to it. Still at least is do-able. Anyways, it is now my easy to bring and go camera and beats handphone camera hands down so I am happily snapping away.

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