Dead or Alive? Part 3

I thought I ended the topic in Part 2. I was so very wrong. It began very innocently with copying files across to my NAS and windows hanged. Ok, reboot and retry and it turned out fine. Another 2 days later, windows hanged halfway while browsing. That was not a good sign and reboot was not good had to go into repair mode.

It revived for another 3 days before giving me not the blue screen but the ultimate screen of death. Windows reporting in DOS mode that boot sector cannot be read. Fine, time to re-install Windows 7 and woe and behold, at 75% complete, the installer aborted. Time to dig out the good old Seagate utility which was not a hard find. Running through it gave bad news, reporting 2 blocks of address error and bad sector. Reset MBR also did not help. Looks like the hard disk has died on again. Consolation is that after 13 months, it is still under warranty period.

So I went shopping to Sim Lim. Was sorely tempted to try out SSD since it does not spin (minimal heat) and is flash memory (ultra fast). Cons is that it is still expensive and given the limited space in my CPU casing’s drive bay, it was a no go. So I tried my luck again on another 500 GB hard disk and pray that Hitachi will live a normal lifespan.

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