Gundam Fever: Do-able?

The Journey Ahead

Now where the hell is Shizuoka?? A quick check into JNTO showed that it is located at south west of central Japan. Initially it does not seem too far, however the train route checking showed that it will take over 3 hours on limited express to reach, one way. The bad side is that only JR Pass covers this area decently via shinkansen, JR East Pass does not list Shizuoka as a covered station. Total cost 1 way is over 6,000 yen which makes somewhat expensive by my standards.

Bus to Gotemba is 2 hours but that is a totally different region in Shizuoka, meaning it will take another hour of transportation to reach the JR Shizuoka station. So after 2 weeks more of trip planning, another idea sprung up. Utilise the JR East Pass to cover 3/4 of the most expensive portion of the journey thus reducing the cost of travel.

Next question to myself? Can I accept and not grumble if I just bring a lightweight (NEX-5) camera? After much thinking, the answer is no. So there’s goes my wistful thinking of going light. I pray that the trip is worthy of the effort to lug the equipment there….

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