Gundam Fever: Start

Shinjuku station is huge boasting at least 4 Midori no Mado (Green Window) which only 1 of them converts the JR passes. After conversion, I tried to get train reservation unsuccessfully. The shinkansen Kodama is not covered by JR East Pass. Ooops.

Gundam Glimpse

View from Higashi-Shizuoka Station

It was only a little later in the evening that I realised my mistake. I was reading out from an old itinery planned using JR Pass. So I headed back to JR office to book instead the Super View Odoriko.

Day of travel. Weather got cloudy which did not look promising. Despite giving myself time, I had miscalcuated the time to travel at peak hour. So I reached Tokyo station with less than 15 minutes to find the train. Fortunately, the platform is immediately up the next stairs.

It was overcast weather but pleasant ride to Atami, the most western edge covered by JR East Pass for heading to Shizuoka. Had a quick look around the station area while waiting for the local train line.

After 2.5 hours of train ride, and double-checking the name of station, I alighted at Higashi-Shizuoka staton (also because I saw Gundam from afar!). The hobby fair area which was right next to the station was immediately visible with the key highlight model right in the center.

The weather had cleared into a very hot summer afternoon. The heat was incredible. After applying another coat of sunblock, I walked into the fair….

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