Gundam Fever: High

Entrance of Hobby Fair
Despite the hot sun and immense heat, the ground crew are hard at work, directing the random few people (me included) to the entrance. Feeling the heat, I re-armed myself with new coat of moisturiser and sunblock before walking about the area.

The brillant midday sun, coupled with cloudless blue sky was great takes and the phototaking frenzy began. 40 minutes later, this perfect occasion gave me the opportunity to eat shaved ice with 3 flavours to cool down. I somehow managed to impress the seller with my Japanese probably because I intentionally misprounced the fruit flavours 😛

It was a good 2 hours before sunset so rather than wait at this so very hot and open place. To inject more fever to myself, I listened to Gundam music…. scratch that, I was kidding! Anyways, I took the train down to 1 more station, Shizuoka. Had a nice late lunch and refreshments there and met a very good tea seller grandma and was sold to buying tea leaves back. Afterall this is Shizuoka, one of the places famous for tea. Returning back, I took a short walk to the opposite side to take some shots of the culture center.

Day End GundamThen is back to frenzy phototaking again (after shopping for limited edition goods). As the fair closes at 6, the last show is at 6 which means no night scenes. Still, this day was great as there were blue skies and lovely sunset. So the last show was captured both on film and video. Good thing I lugged my tripod to do HD movie.

It was with a wistful regret when I left the place as the ground crew quickly cleaned up the place and close the gates. The last few visitors too snap some more photos outside the gate like me before we tread home. For me, it was a long ride back to Tokyo which took 3.5 hours since there was only local train service left.

For photos taken on this day, please visit my Flickr site 🙂

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