Gundam Fever: Post

Hmm, would have thought after the visit to Gundam @ Shizuoka, the fever would be gone but there’s post effects, namely the Gundam 00 Movie: A wakening of the Trailblazer.

Read in Facebook that Singapore has same time premier as first country outside of Japan. Venue wise did not sound like a proper movie theatre to me so I tried my luck at nearby cinema and yes, it did show and there are available timings. So I bought my tickets and went to watch at 10.50pm.

The audience was different matter. It was a very quiet crowd. Even funny scenes did not elicit laughter so I guessed the Japanese folks here are very polite too when watching movies. It was 1am when the show ended. Due to my limited understanding of Japanese (no subtitles!) I only got a vague idea of the ending, will have to watch 1 more time in future.

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