A Touch of Germany

A three day short stop of our 2012 Europe tour and I finally get the chance to see the famous black forests of Germany. We rented a car and drove in from Strasbourgh to Schiltach.


As the season is still spring, we see lots of greenery while still feeling cool. After so many days of European food fare (being Asians), we were delighted to discover that our accommodation at Zur Alten Brucke got deep fried chicken wings! For the record, we had 2 rounds during out stay.

No photo for the chicken wings but there’s still the delicious pork chops and of course the all important German beer.

Image  Image

The town area quiet and peaceful, great for evening walks to explore about and chill out. The effort to wake up for sunrise paid off for the wonderful lighting with mists of the morning swirling to the skies.


We departed on the third day interesting encounter at toll gates… it does not like our credit card. Fortunately, the car behind was wise enough to know that we were stuck and had to reverse and switched lanes to a cash counter. Next stop Nice & Monaco.

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