Mount Fuji with Pink

Counting back, it’s nearly a year that I had my solo trip to Japan. The unforgettable journey of seeing the pink flowers with Mount Fuji as the backdrop. 

This happens during late spring. Pink color moss phlox near Lake Kawaguchi area and it’s a festival. Visit  Shibazukura Festival for more information. 

When I visited last year, the weather was cloudy and rainy. So chances of a clear view was low. The last segment train ride was an old line and the station had a good view of Mount Fuji. The bus ride was peaceful and smooth. 

At the venue, besides the wonder of flowers, Mount Fuji was like in a hidden white blanket. The cloud swirl about with the windy weather. So Mount Fuji was being unveiled. It was surreal feeling. 

A great spot to visit for seeing Mount Fuji in a different view.  


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